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Risk Management & Inssurances

Regardless of a company's size, risk and crisis management must be an integral part of its operations

Risk Management

Since every loss can have major consequences, whether for your business, your insurer or your customers who would lose a source of supply, or because you need to make yourself more attractive to insurers, we can help you to:

  • define and implement an enhanced risk management organisation for your industrial sites

  • formulate recommendations for controlling your risks

  • carry out contractual, insurance and legal due diligence before or after an acquisition


We can advise you on:

  • optimising your portfolio of insurance policies through a detailed analysis of their profiles (duplication, levels of coverage, deductibles and premiums

  • an invitation to tender or negotiation on the basis of specifications, with brokers or insurance companies selected for their ability to meet your company's needs

  • selection of offers and implementation of the new insurance programme

  • day-to-day management of your insurance policies

  • drafting and proofreading your insurance clauses in your contracts

  • monitoring of your claims  

Crisis management

To maintain best practices, we advise our clients on assessing the impact and likelihood of each identified risk, taking into account internal and external factors, in particular legal and media impact, and we develop crisis management procedures and reflex sheets according to the type of risk to be covered.


We also regularly test and update the crisis management plan, organising simulations, training, audits and updates.

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